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Profile: Goliath by WickedStellar Profile: Goliath by WickedStellar

Alias: Goliath
Name: Shaw Cramble
Age: 24
Family: Faipa "Donny" Kalepo (Father, alive), Marley Cramble (Mother, alive), David Cramble (Cousin, alive), Grandparents (alive)
Affiliation: Villain
Love Interest(s): Romantic relationships aren't really Shaw's thing. He prefers hooking up. 


Height: 6'8"
Weight: 298 lbs
Hair: Black
Skin: Naturally tan
Eyes: Deep brown
Ethnicity: Samoan
Race: Metahuman

Notable other appearance: Shaw is tall and built like a brick house with muscles, and has a notably unfinished Polynesian tattoo on his left calf and an eyebrow nick.


Hedonist: Shaw has many pleasures, and is always looking to fulfill those desires. It doesn't matter what it is, if it makes him feel good, he'll go after it.
Brash/Assertive: Shaw is sometimes just plain rude, and can be overbearingly cocky. He'll assert himself into a situation that he's not even a part of and take over.
Blunt: Shaw is straightforward and is one to cut to the chase. He doesn't beat around the bush.
:  Shaw likes to put on a show. He is loud and rowdy and usually is heard before he's ever seen, but mainly vice versa. You can't really miss him.
Charismatic: Despite his offensive nature, it cannot be denied that Shaw is an extremely charming individual. So, lock up your daughters AND your sons...and your wives and husbands.
Skeptical: Shaw likes to take things with a grain of salt. It's not easy to persuade or convince him, unless it involves his family
Steadfast: Shaw's has a willingness to sacrifice and do anything for his family. He works hard to provide for them as much as he can and what he can do for himself. It's part of the reason he stays with Chopra Inc. Anyone he's really close with, personally, can usually count on him if they need him. And he doesn't show frustration easy in front of others. 
Persuasive: Shaw can make people believe almost anything, or more so, do something if he wants to. It's a trait he accumulated over the years.
Self-relient: Shaw fends for himself and will not let anyone help him, at all. He's stubborn enough as it is, but he will not let anyone help him out; even if he really needs it and won't admit it. If he admits he needs help, he or his family is probably deep, deep in trouble.
Flirty: To say that Shaw is a "flirt" is a bit of an understatement. He's good at playing coy and likes to tease and "seduce" whomever he is attracted to.

Powers and Abilities

Super-Strength: Shaw's natural born power, which he inherited from his mother. He is strong enough to stop moving vehicles and lift them over his head. He is also strong enough to bust through walls, etc. 

Durability: Shaw was already sturdy before the experiments, but his durability was increased during the experiments. He's not indestructible though, but it will take a lot to knock him down.

Electricity: Shaw is, essentially, a walking generator and conductor of electricity; he can generate it from with in his body as well as pulling it from other sources. He can cause an entire building or neighborhood to black out; even to go as far as city wide if he wanted to.

-Built-In Suit Conductors 
-Belt and pockets used for carrying hardware information

-His intimidating stature
-Electricity conductors
-Hand to Hand Combat

-Small spaces
-Insulators of electricity
-Prone to seizures after the experiments
-Shaw is extremely protective of his family
-A good, stiff drink
-Is a big ol' flirt
-His ego

Trivia/ Random facts:
Shaw grew up under a bilingual roof, speaking both English and Samoan. 
-Shaw is Pansexual and is definitely not shy about it.
-Shaw is a great cook. 
-Shaw has a decent singing voice, and even can play a few songs on acoustic guitar. It's not something he plans on persuing or getting better at.
-Shaw knew his father before his family escaped, but he has very little memory of him. It's probably best if it stays that way. 
-There is a tracker embedded in Shaw's forearm via Chopra Inc. It was originally only going to be embedded within his suit, but they wanted to keep a closer eye on him.


Shaw was born to trafficking survivor Malae Kalepo, who later took the name "Marley Cramble" when she came to the states with her family. After she escaped from her abuser, Shaw's father, Marley fled with her family and a six year old Shaw. He was raised in a rather full house hold from then on, with his grand parents, mother, and baby cousin all under one roof. Shaw would grow up working in his mother's and grandparent's small antique business with his cousin and work there until he left for college. At first, Shaw was keen to his studies, but eventually he started going to parties and getting "wild"; more so than he was before he arrived. Eventually his grades dropped and he followed suit and returned home. Shaw worked at his family's business once again and also found a second job at one of the local bars in his neighborhood. He starts off in the kitchen and eventually works his way to working the front, heading the bar. 

Shaw gains his powers of electricity when he is approached by an older woman; one who happened to be a regular customer at the bar and who had visited his family's shop previously. She introduces herself as a recruiter for "surveys" and tells Shaw he is a perfect candidate, and that he will be payed a heavy sum if he participates. Shaw is skeptical at first, but eventually agrees because the money will be enough to help pay off his month's rent and then share with his family. On the day when Shaw is expected to prep for the"survey", Shaw goes to the science center and is met by military enforcement and scientists, who attempt to take him down in order to experiment on him. He fights them off as best as he can with his brute strength but is outnumbered and over powered by tranquilizers and sedatives . For the next year, Shaw is a lab rat for the science center, under going experiments and training. When the experiments are completed, Shaw is enhanced with the power to generate and conduct electricity, enhanced durability and a trained fighter. Shaw is angry and worn, but grows to like his new power soon enough. Shaw is allowed to return home, but is to stay at the center's beck and call to perform missions under the code-name "Goliath".

Shaw Cramble (c) Me

Adibidoudi Featured By Owner May 22, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I really like this guy! I'm surprised I've never seen him before! : o
Also, is he your own OC or part of a fandom?
I'm loving the improvement dude! 
WickedStellar Featured By Owner May 23, 2016
I'm glad you do! But you actually probably have seen him before. He used to look a lot different before I gave him this much needed redesign. xD; 
And he used to be part of the TT fandom with my other OCs, but now they're all non-fandom related. c: 
And thank you! I appreciate that! c:
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