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Profile: Renegade by WickedStellar Profile: Renegade by WickedStellar

Alias: Renegade
Name: Nikki Ryleigh McCauley
Age: 17+
Family: Niles McCauley(Father, Alive) Logan McCauley (Mother, Alive), Griffin McCauley (Older brother, alive)
Affiliation: Hero
Love Interest(s):  Josh/FalconerShaw Cramble/ Goliath; Kaiden Evans/ Heist
Best Friend(s): Alycia Camerarius/DulcisJosh/FalconerKelly Faulkner/CalandraMatthew Fullerton/Caerus, Katea Best/Firanna, Tally Marino/ Thermal LightKaiden Evans/ Heist


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair: Chestnut brown
Skin: Medium; tans easily
Eyes: Gray-Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Race: Meta human
Notable other appearance: Nikki has a strong and athletic body type, with the muscles to match. Nikki's nose is hooked and crooked, and has various scars all over her body, and she's usually covered in bruises. She also has a Australian accent that can be heard when she pronounces certain words, is angry, and is around her family. 

Resilient/Determined: When Nikki gets knocked down, she always gets up and keeps going. It takes a lot to keep her down and Nikki does not give up easily. She'll keep fighting until it's physically impossible for her to.
"Down to Earth"/Good-Natured
Outspoken: Probably the trait that gets Nikki into trouble more often that not. Nikki doesn't feel the need to tone down her view on things and would rather be upfront about what she believes or about anything she believes to be important. She will speak up and stand up for anyone she cares about or those being treated unfairly.
Confident: In nearly every aspect of her life, Nikki is self-assured and believes in her own abilities.
Experienced: Despite her age, Nikki has required much experience over the years; especially during her time as an under ground fighter. 
Independent: Nikki is self-sufficient and is always adamant about doing things for herself, by herself.
Sociable: Nikki likes to socialize with anyone and everyone that she can, and is always looking to have a good time.
Caring: Nikki has a big heart underneath that "hard exterior", and will always do everything in her power to care and protect those around her.
Wise-cracker: If there's a joke to be made or a sarcastic comment to be said, Nikki is your gal. Most of the time it's in good fun. Sometimes though...

Powers and Abilities

-What Nikki lacks in explosive powers, she makes up for in extensive fighting skills and abilities. Nikki is a trained and certified mixed-martial artist and has been trained in hand-to-hand combat the majority of her life, leading her to be an extraordinary and experienced fighter. Nikki is also enhanced in the areas of: agility, endurance, speed,stamina,and strength. She can withstand more pain and exertion than the average human.

-Nikki can also use a variety of weapons, and if any of her weapons she carries with her fails, she'll utilize what she has around her; her body being her greatest weapon at that. Nikki is also familiar with police scanner codes and signals.

-Combat Knife
-Grappling Gun
-Smoke pellets
-Power-Neutralizing Cuffs
-First-Aid kit

-Resourceful and Adaptable.
-Is a good shot with guns.
-Hand-to-hand combat.
-Good swimmer
-Fast reflexes
-Good at reading people.

-Nikki suffers occasional migraines due to multiple past concussions. (Which will later be healed by Melanie)
-Even with her training and enhancements, Nikki is still essentially "powerless".
-Nikki doesn't handle being trapped or closed in very well. 
-Nikki is very protective of her family and friends.
-Stubborn and headstrong
-Nikki does not like feeling vulnerable and from bad (and forced upon) habit will bottle up strong emotions. She often needs someone to coax her into her opening up or to give her time to.

Trivia/ Random facts:
-Nikki mentors Toby. They two playfully banter back and forth like nobody's business.
-When it comes to sweets, donuts are Nikki's favorite.
-Nikki has an athletic background in other sports besides MMA.
-Being alone in complete and utter (dead) silence disturbs Nikki on a whole other level. She needs at least a little noise to keep her content or else she becomes fidgety.
-Even with therapy and support from friends and family, Nikki still blames herself for a lot of what she went through. She doesn't tell anyone this though.

Nikki's parents met while working security and protection for a wealthy and prominent figure at a high-end casino in Melbourne, Australia. The two began an affair which lead to Logan getting pregnant; they get married shortly after. They give birth to their first child, Griffin. 10 years later, Logan gives birth to a baby girl, Nikki. Nikki's physical enhancements manifested at an early age, on top of her already being an energetic and physical child. Her parent's kick started her training at an early age, training her personally and keeping her in classes. When Nikki is older, her parents marriage begins to deteriorate, leading to the two separating. Soon, Logan decides to move to America, with Nikki in tow. Niles stays in Australia, while Griffin is away at college. 

Logan and Nikki move to New York City, where Logan earns and takes a job as a detective at the local precinct. While in America, Nikki attends public school, keeping busy with martial arts and other after school sports, where she would prove to be dominant. When Logan would have a late night at the precinct, Nikki would stay as late as she could and train with one of her instructors, Harold Rowan. When she wasn't training, Nikki would listen in on a police radio scanner to keep an on her mom when she was on the job; sometimes even following her mom and her partner when they were on patrol.

One night, instead of staying to train with Harold, Nikki follows her mother and her partner into gang-territory. When a drive-by hits, the territory breaks out into a war-zone, with Nikki and the detectives caught in the middle. Logan's partner discovers Nikki on the scene first and makes an attempt to get her out of harms way, but is instead shot in front of Nikki. Before Logan can get to Nikki, she is on the run. 

Nikki runs to her training studio and runs in on Harold fighting with one of the other instructors about money. Harold eventually starts beating the man. Nikki tries to stop Harold from beating the man but ends up being pushed back. After Harold beats the man unconscious, he kidnaps Nikki and throws her in his car and drives out of the city. Harold tells Nikki of all what's going on, and how he owes money to dangerous people, who he has done multiple favors for in the past. To get the money he needs, Harold introduces Nikki to an underground fighting ring and forces her to fight for him, to win him money because "she is his best fighter".  They travel all over, with Nikki fighting in parking lots to underground rooms. Once Nikki keeps raking in money during her fights, she continues to fight and continues training with Harold, who introduces her to more than just underground fighting: he introduces her to his world of enforcement and arms dealing. 

Though Nikki keeps fighting, she longs to go home, which is often met with brute force and manipulation at Harold's hands. When it comes to a big match, Harold makes Nikki  a deal: If she wins against him in a fight, she can take the money and go home. If not, she is to stay with him and become his understudy. When the fight comes, Nikki barely makes it out, winning by two lucky blows. As soon as Harold is out, Nikki runs out of the "ring" to collect her money and get home. Harold is quick to gain consciousness though, and finds Nikki soon after she has the money. He attacks her, and takes her to his car. He drives away with an unconscious Nikki in the trunk. When Nikki wakes up, the car has stopped and she starts working around to get the trunk open. Harold beats her to the punch, and Nikki makes an attempt to jump out of the trunk and get past Harold. She is caught, and Harold drags her into an abandoned warehouse. For a week, Nikki is tortured mentally and physically, and Harold explains that he had planned on going back on his deal the entire time, whether Nikki had won or not. 

When Harold is asleep one night, Nikki breaks free from her restraints, reaching for whatever she could. Grabbing a nearby crow-bar, Nikki attacks Harold while he's asleep, beating him until he's not moving. Wasting no time, Nikki grabs the money that she won, and runs out of the warehouse while still holding onto the crowbar. Nikki makes it to a nearby emergency room and gets in contact with her parents, finally able to return home after some intensive care and recovery.

Once home, Nikki catches up and finishes school, making time for "self-vigilante training" and soon takes on the alias Renegade.

Nikki, Harold, and family (c) Me

Other mentioned characters belong to their respective owners
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LovelyMaple Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She gives me life. D| So much life. And Aly being first on the friends list, oh yeah~ xD Shoot me.

Rereading her bio gives me so much inspiration and I love working with her to help me discover things about my OC's too. It's
weird because in some ways, she has a lot more in common with Damian than with Aly? xD

A question though! You mentioned that Nikki has had physical enhancements since early childhood and I wanted to know if
either or both of her parents have the same? Or was it a gene gone wild? c:
WickedStellar Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016
Pffftttt no u give me so much life :< But that makes me so happy?? Thank you!! And omg yes ALY IS FIRST ON THE LIST. Dat Aly tho. :eyes:

And omg that's amazing!! I love hearing stuff like that. It warms my heart?? :< And yeeeees to discovering things about your OC's! I know I still go through that, a lot. It's never ending. But definitely not a bad thing either! It's a good thing to learn more about your OC's Because it means that you get to know your bebes  and that me and other people get to learn about them too!:la: And oooh Nikki having more in common with Damian you say? You know, I can actually see that!  We should hash them out some time! :eyes: 

And that's a good question! You always have good questions >:I The gene gone wild would be a really interesting concept to play with down the McCauley clan gene pool, but I've been seeing it more as both of her parents have physical enhancements, but that it skipped a generation with Nikki's older brother Griffin. (Or maybe he has physical enhancements too but the exciting life of heroism/vigilantism isn't for him. Leave him to his paleontology xD. That's something I need to think about!) 
BBG4ya Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Oh yessss, I need to draw this new look now :heart: I absolutely love it!:love::heart:
WickedStellar Featured By Owner Edited Apr 6, 2016
Aaaaah that would be amazing?!?! :< I'm really proud of it actually. I had a thought before I updated, since she's not a TTOC anymore and that she's changed so much, that the white steak didn't fit with her anymore. C:> Thank you so much!! 
CattBon Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Student General Artist
<3 Nice Nice
WickedStellar Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016
Thank you!
Skidzz Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2016
Ahhhhh, Nikki :heart:

Huh, I thought she was taller XD. Ah good job on the bio, brah <3 
WickedStellar Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2016
Nikki is tall(er than average?) She stands at 5'9". c: Which I'm not sure if you're referring to how I've drawn her or what's stated in her bio?

And thank you!
Skidzz Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2016
idk, compare to TL, she(and everyone else) is taller XD 
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